Why you absolutely need a website for your business (and how to eliminate that stress)

Do you need a website for your business? I’m going to start this article with an assumption. That’s a dangerous thing to do in my profession, but here goes: You already know the answer to this question. You knew it when you searched Google, and you knew it when you found this article.

That means that there’s a different reason that you’re here. The REAL question that you have. I know this because I’ve heard your question over and over. “Do I have to get a website for my business?”.

Sure it’s incredibly exciting to run your own business, work towards financial independence, be your own boss, create your own brand, but that doesn’t mean it’s not stressful. Lord is it stressful. Having to commission a website to be built and subsequent maintaining it can definitely be a cause of stress. Let’s look now at the causes of that stress, and how they can be eliminated.

You Don’t Have Time to Build A Website For Your Business

The web design industry as a whole is doing it’s best to move towards fixing this problem. However, the fact remains that it takes time to familiarize yourself with whatever tool you’re using to build a site. Whether it’s Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, or any other builder, learning the ecosystem and the ins and outs take time that you may not want to allocate. Sure, you can go build a Wix site in a couple of hours, but we’ve all seen those sites. The websites that look like they were built in 2 hours. These sites really only serve to complete the minimum requirement of having an online presence. They don’t do anything to further your brand. If anything, they harm it.

One of my most recent clients said the following:

I have some experience with WordPress, but after I started building I realized that this would take me like 20 hours. I’d much rather hire someone who can get it done in 5.

This is one of the main reasons to hire a web designer to create a website for your business. The opportunity cost of you spending 20 hours figuring out the platform and building a website is massive when you run a business. Those 20 hours are costing you money because there is a myriad of other things you could be doing to further your business.

Hiring a Web Designer Costs Too Much

I bring up opportunity cost because that is how you have to think of hiring a web designer. The pitfall of thinking that some of my clients have fallen into is thinking of a web designer’s fee as only the cost of building a website. This is a very narrow-minded thought process as it dismisses all of the other value you get. Value is absolutely the keyword here. Sure, you’re hiring a web designer to build a web presence for your business. However, you’re also hiring them for the years-worth of expertise and intellectual property they bring with them. We (the good ones) bring expertise in user experience, speed optimization, SEO best practices, and design. We also know the best sites to help you monitor the long-term health of your site. Sites like MachMetrics and Nightwatch, for example, can monitor your speed optimization and SEO, respectively. This is the type of valuable knowledge that can set your site, and your business apart.

Beyond that, your website has a job to do: selling your services! For this reason, a website for your business must be viewed as an investment that will ultimately pay dividends. When built correctly, a business’s website brings customers, leads, and networking opportunities that otherwise would pass you by.

It’s always tempting to do it yourself or pay for the cheap template design on Fiver. However, it’s important to make sure you’re not putting yourself in a situation where you pay even more to have your site redesigned because it isn’t getting you any leads.

I Don’t Know How to Take Care of My Website

Deciding whether or not it’s worth it for you to maintain your own is a tough one (think opportunity cost again). Maintaining a site is a much simpler process than building one, so if you feel comfortable with it, then it can be very rewarding. This is why I offer all of my clients free videos about making edits to their sites, while also offering monthly maintenance packages. Once you weigh the opportunity cost of maintaining a site against other business responsibilities, you can make an informed decision and choose which of those to take advantage of.


Yes, you need a website for your business (you knew that already). But hopefully, this article has shown you the value of getting it done by a professional that you can trust. Here’s an article that will help you find one. A website is an investment above all else. The only reason that it wouldn’t be worth the up-front cost is if it was built poorly. The number of leads and contacts a well-built site can bring it far outweigh the costs and can launch your business to the next level.If you’re ready to talk to a designer about your business and how an investment in your web presence can pay off, fill out my survey or contact me today!

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